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UFOs just don’t matter [Redux]


In the vast scheme of things, UFOs and/or flying saucers don’t count. That’s an absolute fact of life.

UFOs don’t affect the economy, your family’s practical existence, your kids’ college tuition, anyone with cancer or any other possibly fatal disease, wars, poverty, political considerations – UFOs don’t affect anything.

Those absorbed by the phenomenon – as we continue to note – are merely escaping into a false reality that is meaningless in our mundane or real reality.

Sure, UFOs have a place in the paranormal sphere or esoteric environment that enthuses those who like curiosities and weird things generally.

But as an artifactual or anomaly that impacts life, UFOs just don’t cut it.

Pursuing the phenomenon is futile, and insane, unless a person doesn’t have anything better to do, which is the case with some long-time “ufologists” – who shall remain nameless this time around (but you all know who we mean).

UFOs have never altered everyday life for the population as a whole, and has rarely affected those who’ve seen something described as a UFO, that is those who didn’t try to capitalize on their experience.

(Those who’ve milked their UFO experience have almost always come to ruination.)

Normal persons who’ve had a UFO experience or sighting have always resumed their everyday life, with only an occasional nod to that thing they saw in the sky.

UFO cases are intriguing, but don’t matter, philosophically, theologically, militarily, or in any other way.

They are curios in a panoply of curios that have intruded upon humans since time immemorial, but that’s all they are – curios.

We, like you, find the phenomenon interesting but it doesn’t cause us to mismanage our lives as it has to many in the UFO community.

Yes, UFOs are real, and flying saucers have landed; even extraterrestrials have debarked from them.

But have those UFO incidents changed the world’s momentum one iota? No.

That doesn’t mean that those interested in such esoterica should abandon their curious perusal of the UFO phenomenon (or phenomena).

It just means that a more judicious and sensible scrutiny should be in place for so-called ufologists, and UFOs should be given a lesser role when one’s priorities are established.

This would go a long way to eliminating the foolish factor that now inundates the UFO reality – a reality that should be subliminal more than overt.

But reasonable persons already know this, right?


Blogger Michael said...

Excellent points. The "so what?" factor looms large in the minds of practical people everywhere. But practicality extends beyond the mundane concerns you mention. Consider these three reasons for caring and paying attention:
1) There is considerable testimony and circumstantial evidence that ET technology has been kept secret and reverse engineered. Why haven't we seen much by way of antigravity and new energy sources? It may be that the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has evolved into a satellite government with international scope, with a goal of creating a corporatist world government. They see their secret technology as the ticket to attain the holy grail of power hungry men since the dawn of time: world domination. Having good intentions, they would use alternate language like "world unity", and "a chance to end all war".
2) The present day erosion of liberties, increased surveillance, provocation of war and deliberate dumbing down of populations are policies that may have their roots in the MIC agenda. If that is the case, UFOs matter a great deal. I used to think that such ideas were far-fetched, and way out on the fringe. But some research will show that many intelligent people hold similar views.
3) If UFO sightings are part of an long term de-sensitization process for humanity, then every sighting matters a great deal, just not in an obvious, gross way. Once unambiguous disclosure happens, in such as way that humanity can digest it, then we will have powerful reason to remain humble, and lose some of the arrogance that lay behind exploitation of people and the environment.
In the final analysis, I must disagree, while agreeing that in the short run, UFOs seem irrelevant.

October 18, 2008  
Blogger RRRGroup said...


Of course UFOs matter, but only to those who know or think that it's the little things that alter humanity -- like Oswald's bullets during the JFK assassination.

But for the great unwashed, UFOs matter not a whit.

Even if a sublminal government is working subversely to rule the United States, or even the world, it doesn't impact the population as a whole.

Humans are born, suffer or enjoy life, and die...barely touched, if touched at all, by clandestine entities or anomalous things.

The Darfurians aren't affected by UFOs, nor are the beer-swillers at tailgate parties on the weekends.

UFOs matter philosophically, but not pratically, even to those in the sub rosa military constructs you posit.

Do UFOs impinge on you or me, really?

I think not. They are just grist for inquisitive pleasure, like a good game of chess.

But your point is acceptable to those who derive pleasure from things obscurant, and that's fine, academically.


October 18, 2008  
Blogger Michael said...

It sure seems like it doesn't matter to most people. My point is, though, that it does matter, even if they do not know it. The proof would be if the secret would be revealed, if the MIC's agenda was foiled, and people woke up. Then we might have better education, increased awareness, fewer drunken binges, less bloody wars. in other words, if something changes, and people's lives change as a result, then it indicates that the thing changed was impacting their lives, even if they didn't know it. The ozone layer was impacting us all, but we did not know it, until it began to thin.
If huge mother ships appear and linger for a week over London, Beijing and New York, you would agree, I think, that people will be impacted. Just because present sightings are less intense, it does not mean that the impact is not there. The impact is just less intense, less obvious. It is a matter of degree. So yes, I see what you mean: for all practical purposes, the impact and meaning is so sub-threshold that it may as well not be there. You could say the same for the presence of hormones in drinking water, plastic contaminants in milk, and so on. At a mass level, the effect is infinitesimal - but try saying that to someone who has contracted cancer because of the contaminants. I have never seen a UFO for more than a second or two. I enjoy a good game of chess, and you have caused me to wonder, not for the first time, whether my interest in UFOs is an escapist entertainment, or appealing to a primitive desire for the exotic.
I decided, though, that the inquiry is important, and it has already impacted my life. If I attend a UFO Conference, it will impact my finances, and if I meet interesting people there it will impact my relationships, and so on. So the impact is not merely intellectual, even if it is still restricted to my tiny personal sphere of influence.

October 18, 2008  
Blogger RRRGroup said...


There is a book by Lecomte du Nouy -- Human Destiny -- that posits the idea that humanity moves forward, evolutionarily in a spiritual sense, by those who are not part of the common herd.

That is, they are "mutants" -- in the same way as Darwin's mutants, but in the non-material sense rather han the biological sense.

And Lecomte's mutants progress civilization by their ability to go beyond everyday life.

Some scientists, artists, writers, politicians, philosophers, et al. fall into the mutant category.

(Mutant isn't a pejorative term thusly.)

You to some degree might fall into that mutant category because you seek out that small permutation which can alter humankind, for the better -- and lead it to Lecomte's
Omega point -- a concept not unlike Teilhard de Chardin's.

So, for you, UFOs matter, but for the rest of us they don't.


October 19, 2008  
Blogger Michael said...

I find it fascinating that we both seem to be embodying the myth that is being played out in our culture. You claim that UFOs don't matter, yet you maintain a website called "UFO Reality". You generously suggest that I am at the cutting edge of human evolution, and you humbly (or provocatively) decline to admit yourself to the company of mutants. But, without you, I would not have the forum, the opportunity, to engage in this conversation. So if I understand you correctly, certain individuals may be interested in the phenomenon, and it is therefore important to them, because they are at the vanguard of human evolution...but human evolution is simply not important ("does not matter") to humanity. I think of the tailgate beer parties you mentioned, dysfunctional abusive families, and masses of fine people transfixed to screens by silly yet coercive programming...and in the end, I have to agree with you. Until such time as the phenomenon takes an upturn in intensity, most people will remain oblivious to the fact that something is going on, something with potential to shake the foundations of our institutions, world views, and sense of identity. Thanks for providing a mutant with an intelligent forum to express himself.

October 19, 2008  
Blogger RRRGroup said...

You're welcome Michael,

But you might do well to look at our other blogs -- the UFO Iconoclast(s) -- http://ufocon.blogspot, The UFO Provocateur(s) -- and the RRRGroup -- before you give us too many encomia.


October 20, 2008  
Blogger Michael said...

As media guys, you will appreciate that the media often determine "what matters". Witness, for example, the series of stories derived from the latest release of MOD files (e.g When the BBC carried this same story on its International Headline page, people take notice, and think "this MUST matter" (otherwise, why would the BBC cover it?) And so, the medium being the message, the old story takes on meaning, and UFO reality becomes incrementally more established in modern culture and myth. Because of the incursion of ET and UFO lore into modern culture, everyone who works in the entertainment industry writing producing etc. sci-fi shows, has been impacted by UFOs, and they do matter, because otherwise they would not be doing what they do. The passive viewers of Battlestar Gallactica would otherwise be watching reruns of I Love Lucy, and not contemplating the possibility that we could be doing better as a species. Star Trek influenced an entire generation, and introduced novel concepts such as women as part of a command crew, and cooperation with Russians. Without the massive UFO flaps of the 50s and 60s, would Star Trek have ever been conceived? I think not. When you look at it that way, from the perspective of cultural development, it seems that UFOs matter a great deal.

October 24, 2008  
Blogger RRRGroup said...

You make some interesting points Michael.


October 24, 2008  

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