Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forgotten UFO hypotheses?


There are lots of UFO conjectures out there, but a few “serious” ones have been put on the ufological back-burner.

For instance, the idea that UFOs are visitors coming to visit Earth to enjoy an intergalactic zoo established by extraterrestrials eons ago as an alien tourist site.


And the concept that Earth is an experimental lab, set up by alien scientists, is also not mentioned as it once was.


That UFOs are piloted by advanced, sentient insects (Gerald Heard) gets no copy at all.


And what about the idea that Earth is a leper colony or Devil’s Island outpost for criminals (creatures, plants, and humans) from other worlds, transported here millennia ago, to quarantine them in this part of the Milky Way.


(This is the Australia solution that Britain instituted in the 1880s.)

That (some) UFOs are living entities, not metal objects, is nowhere to be read currently, even in the bizarre world of the UFO blogosphere.


The straight-line theory (orthoteny) of UFO movement, promoted by Aime Michel back in the 50s and 60s, is all but forgotten too.


UFOs from inside the Earth – a form of the Hollow Earth controversy – is not mentioned very much these days, although Mac Tonnies idea of a concomitant Earth race, living sub rosa alongside our known human civilization hints at such.


The NAZI-created UFO theories abound, and have some circumstantial merit but are discounted by more “rational” ufologists.


(The NAZI crafts would have to come from a secret location, and plays into the Tonnies idea, somewhat, of a hidden society.)

These are but a few of the arcane ideas put forth to explain UFO origins or UFO reality.

Should they be re-visited, by ufologists?

You decide….


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