Sunday, August 03, 2008

Where is today’s McMinnville UFO?

The May 11th, 1950 flying saucer sighting and photo by Paul Trent and his wife in McMinnville, Oregon provided a clear photo of an object that looked to be alien in configuration:


But was the “object” a real space-craft, from elsewhere? Or was it a prototype by the United State’s military?

Or was it a model which ended up being a template for the Rouen, France 1954 saucer…


or the saucer seen in the 1977 photo allegedly taken in Hamburg, Germany by Walter Schilling; a photo which the UFO Iconoclast(s) once indicated was a “lost Trent photo”?


The point here is that UFOs like the Trent saucer have not been photographed since the 1950s, the Schilling UFO picture notwithstanding, which proves that the Trent photo was a contrivance (hoax) or the UFO seen was just passing through the Earth skies for a short period of time….four years or so.

(The Schilling “Trent” photo appears to be a model from analyses of the “flight pattern’ and proximity to the ground, which like the “authentic” 1950 Trent craft – exegetically examined by Bruce Maccabee – shows a bizarre angle for air maneuverability.)

So, either early UFOs transmogrified over the years, which we (and others) have suggested previously, or UFOs (flying saucers) from various places in the universe or time have appeared to Earthlings and then moved on -- some of them anyway.

Or the Trent photos were faked, along with the Rouen photo and (certainly) the Schilling 1977 photo.

(Go to UFO Casebook for a plethora of saucer/UFO photos – some authentic and many not.)

Whatever the Trent’s captured – real or not – no recent or present sightings of UFOs have produced photos as clear as the McMinnville shots.

(Well, you have seen the “drone” UFOs but can discount them immediately.)

So, we’re either back to or beyond square one in many ways….


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