Thursday, August 14, 2008

UFOs and Quantum Entanglement


A current view of quantum entanglement, where “particles” travel faster that the speed of light – 10,000 time faster, may be read here:

Einstein’s spooky action

How might this impact the UFO mystery?

UFOs have often appeared and disappeared in fractions of seconds, with little rhyme or reason, or so it seems.

Bruce Duensing addresses the matter thoroughly, and intellectually, and you would do well to pore over his explication at his blog:

Intangible Materiality

UFOs act like quantum as we noted several months back at our UFO Iconoclast(s) blog;

UFOs are tangible quanta

But lets take the theorizing further…

If UFOs appear in the sky, then it seems likely that UFOs will be appearing elsewhere, simultaneously, and behaving exactly as their counterparts.

That is a UFO in England, near Sussex, might be entangled with a UFO above the skies in Melbourne, Australia, and appear and/or disappear, or move laterally exactly the same way, in a kind of quantum tandem, but at a distance, just as quantum “particles” do in the entanglement hypothesis of Quantum Mechanics/Theory.

Taking the observational data of sightings and comparing them, via computational techniques – à la Bruce Maccabee – could determine if UFOs act like quantum artifacts or not.

This is where a ufological discipline is needed, an attempt to be scientific, and isn’t that hard to do.

Who’s up to the task?

Duensing? Friedman? Vallee? Tonnies? Us?


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