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UFOs and the Truman Syndrome


MJ-12 advocates contend that Harry Truman instigated the Majestic group and was privy to the alleged flying saucer crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Let’s assume that the is all true…

How did Truman react to the Earth-shattering revelation that extraterrestrials were visiting this planet, and had provided tangible evidence of those visits, with a clue to their technology, when they had an accident over the New Mexico skies?

Truman seems have been to be nonplussed.


He didn’t rearrange his life or the Presidency in any inordinate way, even becoming more mundane and folksy after leaving office.

During the 1947-1952 period of his Presidency, Truman contended with lots of Earthly matters, including the Cold War, the Korean War, Communists in the United States government, establishment of the Jewish State of Israel, domestic crises (labor strikes, taxes, etc.), and his daughter Margaret’s imbroglios with critics of her music-making.

Truman didn’t react to an interplanetary visit as a normal Earthling would. He virtually ignored the supposed intrusion (as did his successor, Dwight Eisenhower).

Truman, if he did have access to flying saucer crashes and other UFO events, he wasn’t affected by them, privately or publically.

Truman lived until the end of 1972, never altering his daily existence or snarky attitude toward news media and the public generally; he remained an Earth-bound S.O.B. right up to his last days on Earth.


(Eisenhower, who followed him in Office, played golf regularly, obsessively, and also wasn’t affected by the insertion of an inter-galactic alien presence that many ufologists say he was aware of, even having communicated with some extraterrestrials held captive at secret military facilities.)

The Truman Syndrome may be described as a lackluster reaction to life on other planets that had the temerity to visit Earth on various occasions, making their presence known by accident and/or direct contact.

This is where ufologist go haywire. They make MJ-12 a reality but the patina of those documents and the committee that forged them doesn’t ring true: those involved remained oriented to everyday life, in ways that indicated nothing out of the ordinary had been experienced or occurred during their sojourn on the so-called Top Secret Majestic committee.


If flying saucer/UFO beings had come to Earth, these men, Truman mostly, would have reacted differently, in overt ways but, more importantly, in subtle ways. And those subtle ways would have been discerned by observation and scrutiny of their lives. This didn’t happen.

And there is no evidence of changes in behavior or lives, by others who were provided information and proof that alien visitors had come to Earth, and were here in droves by some estimations.

Truman was a folksy curmudgeon during his Presidency and for all of his life, right up to 1972, well after the Betty/Barney Hill event, the Socorro episode and dozens of other UFO manifestations.


Would this be the case if he had knowledge of an alien presence? Would Truman have gone about his life, after experiencing a UFO reality, in the way that he did, oblivious to the ramifications and impact of an extraterrestrial visitation, maybe many of them?

We think not.

So, for us, MJ-12, and a secret, government cover-up of actual flying saucer accounts seems outside the realm of how humans would act – even political types – if such things were true.


Blogger Mac said...

I believe the color photo of Truman was taken in my hometown of Independence, Missouri.

August 09, 2008  
Blogger Maltese Frog said...

Man, I hate it when logic and observation ruin a good story...

Roswell crash? Maybe... Except for live aliens. Somehow that leads to logistics of support and concealment that seem impossible to accomplish, even in 1947 cold war America with a space program full of supposedly rehabilitated Nazis and their handlers.

M-J 12: I don't see it as reality.

Harry Truman was gritty enough to fire General Douglas Mac Arthur.

I think that if he had solid evidence of ETs screwing around in US airspace he would have taken us all into his confidence in dealing with them - by whatever means needed.

I was only four years old in 1947 so although I don't remember anything about Roswell from back then I do remember the McCarthy era and the paranoia about "red" infiltration into our country and our institutions.

I think the US government at that time would have been happy to have aliens (ET) to deal with as an adversary and I'm pretty sure they would not have kept it secret.

August 09, 2008  

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