Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Michael Swords on Tombaugh, Mars, and UFOs

Click here for a 1999 Journal of Scientific Exploration paper by Michael Swords wherein he touts Clyde Tombaugh (and others) and the UFO phenomenon.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Antecedents for Betty Hill's Abduction

Here are two pre-1961 images that may account for Betty Hill’s hypnotically recalled medical examination during her alleged alien abduction:



There are other fictional accounts, with drawings, that seem to mimic, but pre-date, all abduction episodes.

This seems to be grist for those wishing to unravel the UFO abduction phenomenon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The (Real) 1964 Socorro sighting

The Socorro/Zamora sighting of April 24, 1964 was a Hughes Aircraft testing episode.

Here is a prototype moon lander (similar to the one seen by Lonnie Zamora) -- the Surveyor was used for later moon landings:


Here is the full schematic:


Here is the Army's moon lander design:


And here is a lander (with module) that is similar to the Hughes design:


This is the Russian LK lander, which was close in design to the Hughes prototype -- note the uniformed astronaut:


Here is the opening of a paper from Holloman AFB about the methodology that was used to test the lander:

XIII. Application of a Tethering System to a Specific Requirement

Michael Kretow
Holloman Air Force Base
New Mexico

It is hoped that before the end of 1965, an assault will be made on the moon with Surveyor, a squat three-legged derrick of piping and scientific equipment being built by Hughes Aircraft Company.

For a full, detailed analysis of the Socorro sighting (including an explanation for the insignia seen/drawn by Zamora which we’ve traced to a Hughes logo), bona fide researchers can request access to our private UFO web-site.


Monday, February 12, 2007

The 1947 Kenneth Arnold Sighting

These are the airplanes that Kenneth Arnold saw, through a temperature inversion, near Mt. Rainer on June 24th, 1947.



The planes were Navy A-7s, flown out of the Whidbey Island Naval Base in Washington.



(A full exegesis of the Arnold sighting may be found at our UFO web-site.)

The Origin of Betty Hill's Star Map

This is a picture of a map that hung in the Rockingham (New Hampshire) Hotel where the NAACP held its meetings in the early 1960s:


Betty Hill was a member of the Rockingham NAACP. This is Betty Hill’s (drawn by her) Star Map:


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