Sunday, November 30, 2008

UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum


What is the one element that UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum have in common?

That they are each, basically, inscrutable; they make no sense when reviewed in depth.

No one knows what UFOs are. Even though many have a mundane explanation, the fundamental phenomenon remains elusive and unknown, maybe even unknowable.

Christianity is mired in mystery. Did Jesus of Nazareth actually exist? Was He Christ? God? Are the Gospels fiction or fact?


Quantum mechanics is rife with riddles and weirdness. The physics of quantum is a hodgepodge of bizarre theory and mathematics that no one really understands, although some physicists pretend to.


(There are other mysteries – Bigfoot, the Loch Ness thing, what happened to Amelia Earhart, who really shot JFK – but those mysteries don’t have the complexity or raft of commentary and research that UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum have.)

What is the core reality of the UFO mystery? That is the question that most ufologists ignore, caught up in the peripheral aspects of sightings and UFO episodes.

In Christianity, the core questions revolve around Jesus/Christ. Was he God incarnate? Was there a Resurrection? And so on…


Christianity’s questions were raised right at the beginning of the Common Era, even before the pronouncements of St. Paul, circa 35 A.D.

Those questions remain intact today.

Quantum theory has settled on one question: What is the Higgs Boson – the so-called “God particle”?


Quantum Mechanics essentially began with Max Planck’s 1900 energy hypothesis. And one hundred and eight years later, quantum remains fundamentally unclear, despite some peripheral elements that have been “proven” by experimentation.


The UFO mystery essentially began to be seriously scrutinized after the Kenneth Arnold sighting in June 1947.

A little over sixty years later, the UFO enigma is still intact and primarily unknown.

Is there hope for a UFO denouement? Not if current investigators remain entrenched in internecine squabbles and febrile obsession with old UFO events such as the alleged Aurora, Texas crash of 1897, Roswell, the Hill case, the Phoenix lights, et cetera.


Just as Christianity will never settle on one truth, cannot settle on one truth and Quantum is dealing with aspects of physics that are submerged in a possibly unfathomable reality, UFOs are unlikely to be understood in the present time-frame, with the present contingent of ufologists who are immersed in decrepit research and faulty data.

Nonetheless, UFOs, like Christianity and Quantum, will continue to intrigue a small coterie of persons who are intrigued by mysteries no matter how remote they are for an explanation.

Friday, November 07, 2008

UFOs are not strange.....

…enough to be alien or extraterrestrial.

The shape of UFOs, the lights they display, the spotlights they sometimes engage, the maneuvers (except for those alleged 90 degree turns), the construction materials (of those that have been inspected in situ supposedly)….none of these things suggests that UFOs or flying saucers are other-worldly.


The lights, for example, that are often described in UFO sightings are usually red or green, sometimes white or blue.


But an alien spaceship wouldn’t have lights that reflect the spectrum range unique to Earth.

The shape of UFOs – whether seen as “lights” or observed in the daytime – is always geometric according to the constructions of Earth’s mathematics which, again, are unique.


(Math on other worlds would be unique to the evolution of scientific thought – if any – of the species of those worlds.)

Round, triangular, rectangular shapes, and all the other mathematical constructs here, on Earth, derive from the ancient Greek models, and would not apply to extraterrestrial beings (and societies).


That extraterrestrial mathematical models might coincide with those of Earth is so astronomically improbable, ufologists should discard the idea that UFOs come from outer space.

(SETI’s premise of radio transmissions by alien races is also flawed for the same reason.)

UFO flight is generally similar to those of Earth’s aircraft – except as noted, when UFOs make instantaneous 90 degree turns or ascend at rates that are not possible in today’s Earthian airplanes…unless….unless Earth entities have secret aircraft capable of such maneuvers, and have had them since the 1940s which, admittedly, is unlikely.


But those turns and ascensions may be from UFOs that are phenomena rather than actual bolts and nuts aircraft.

So-called debris from flying saucers, over the years, has never proven to be other-worldly.

While the make-up of the Universe insinuates itself in all planets or systems of the Universe, the composition of construction supplies would have to differ for worlds where water, timber, metal, and chemistry itself is distributed in arrays that are unique to those worlds.


The geological/chemical make-up of the Earth is unique, or nearly so. UFOs made here would surely differ from UFOs made in a galaxy far, far away.

The geology and chemical make-up of worlds – even those in our own solar system (such as Mars, Jupiter, the moons, Titan, Europa, et al.) – is so vastly different from that of the Earth, that to assume UFOs (which are invariably described or recognized as vehicles not very removed from those of the Earth) are from far-flung galactic worlds lacks common sense.


And those little things that show up in UFO reports: the blinking lights – blinking. Why would UFOs from elsewhere blink? That’s an idiosyncrasy of Earth aircraft.

What about the “smells” of UFOs – sulfuric or burnt metal? Why would UFOs from other worlds have smells like those on Earth?

Then there are the sounds from UFOs: hums (low usually) or no sound at all. Why would UFO energy sound like an electrical hum from Earth, or have no sound at all?


A lack of sound is problematical, in that flying saucers – or any flying vehicle – has to make some sound…it’s the nature of flying craft to create sound waves, or interfere with sound waves.

The silence of many UFOs goes against the physical properties of flying; it’s almost mystical in nature – or a sensory misperception.

We find one UFO sighting – filmed – that strikes us as authentically real, and possibly other-worldly or a manifestation of a phenomenon as yet unknown to science:

You may see the video clip here (from the UFO CD, published by the Software Marketing Corporation in 1993):

1963 Colorado

What that video shows us is a phenomenon almost life-like in its configuration, pulsing, and moving at a speed too fast for anything of a solid construction – something strange but not in a tangible extraterrestrial sense.

There are few UFO sightings – filmed, photographed, observed (by visual sighting or radar) – that display the physical mannerism of the 1963 Colorado UFO, but there are some.

However, we contend that those UFOs are something other than alien vehicles. (And they certainly are not secret aircraft of any Earth military or scientific organization.)


So, for us, the great bulk of UFO sightings that excite ufologists and UFO mavens are prosaic, and hardly amenable to an extraterrestrial hypothesis.

This doesn’t mean that the phenomenon (or phenomena) shouldn’t be addressed. It just means that UFOs should be investigated without the Sci-Fi trappings.