Monday, September 27, 2010

The Flying Saucer - Republished! (by Nick Redfern)

Bernard Newman's 1950 book, The Flying Saucer, is one of the most thought-provoking UFO novels ever written - largely due to the fact that the author moved seemingly effortlessly within the real-life world of international espionage, and may have based his novel on secret, real-life attempts by U.S. Intelligence to exploit the whole "crashed UFO" scenario for reasons relative to psychological warfare.

Indeed, I dug deep into the story of Newman and The Flying Saucer in my own book, Science Fiction Secrets, which was published by Anomalist Books last year.

So, you may ask: why am I telling you this now? Simple: a brand new edition of Newman's book has just been published by the good people at Westholme Publishing. A review-copy has just arrived at the Redfern household and, after re-reading it and refreshing my memory, I'll be posting a brand new review of the book right here.

For those who may want to obtain a copy of the new, 2010 edition of Bernard Newman's 1950 novel The Flying Saucer, here's the Amazon link:

Amazon link


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