Thursday, September 23, 2010

A UFO experience via e-mail


I never believed in ufos, although my mother told of her aunt and uncle in Florida having a sighting (before roswell) that left a burn mark in the field. I took an astronomy class in college where the instructor (retired nasa) said it would be impossible due to the distance.

Fifteen people and I went out to stargaze on sackrider hill near portage lake after our friends wedding. Tom pointed out a moving red dot in sagitarius that got bigger and descended in a stairstep pattern and hovered before all of us at the bottom of the hill. We were scared shitless but got up the nerve after a while to walk down the hill to get a closer look. We were nearly up to it and it moved to the top of the hill.

It laid down the grass next to me when it went overhead like a helicopter would, but with much slower pulsations than the blades of a helicopter sound like.

It was much more realistic looking than any supposed pictures or drawings I had seen before (or since) of ufos. It had far more actual detail to it and many more windows, much like an ocean-going cruise ship, and I mentioned to the others that it must be tourists. It took off like a bolt of lightening after a while (much like descriptions I read about later-mind you I never read about them before, or anything else that might appear in the national enquirer for that matter). We went back to the lake house, still in utter disbelief, and compared stories and descriptions until daybreak, just to confirm that we were not hallucinating.

It is a hill with a big cross on it, in case you want to go by there some time.

I read some of your blogs and thought you might be interested.



Blogger Jennifer said...

Something similar happened to my friends and I on July 4, 2010. We were on my friends roof top watching the fireworks from Manhattan and all over the city. We could see in many different directions. We saw a glowing red light near Manhattan.

It was observing the fireworks it seems. We were in Queens. Within seconds it was over us. We knew right away it was a ufo because within seconds it was over us and if it was a plane it should have taken at least 30 minutes to reach us.

It was cross shaped in a way. It was flying very smoothly. It was zig zagging and sometimes the light would go off then on again. It left towards Long Island.....then came back over us. We were spooked out and there must have been at least 25 people watching with is. Everyone stood in silence observing it.

Sometimes it would fly straight up....then come straight down again. Until it finally left again.

Thirty minutes friend's father said it was back.

December 23, 2010  
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December 23, 2010  

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