Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A UFO sighting from 1974


[We received this UFO sighting account as a reply to a posting at our UFO Iconoclasts blog and thought it interesting enough to provide here.]

in the summer of 1974 i went to a remote area in beaver creek state park,gretchins lock,to camp for the weekend with two friends from friend don and i arrived about 600 pm. we were about two miles from the main road.

we unloaded our gear and were talking when we heard the trees cracking on the hill behind us and to our right.we looked in that direction and a disk appeared at tree top level on the hill behind us where the noise drew our attention to.

it was skimming the tree tops bending them as it traveled from our field of view from right to left. as we looked it cleared the hill behind us and traveled south east in the open above the creek and engaged the tree tops on the hill in front of our campsite,bending them as it continued out of our field of vision.

i looked at don and said did you see that? his reply was yeah but, i'll never admit it.

the disk was peuter [sic] in color appoximately sixty feet in diameter made no noise except for disturbing the tree tops. it was in our view for about ten to fifteen seconds and disappeared over the hill in front of our camp site across beaver creek.this was broad daylight the height would be maybe one hundred to one hundred fifty feet.

i could have literally hit it with a rock from where it went over the valley where we stood. we did not hear or see it again.

it was using the trees to avoid being seen. it was moving about fifty miles an hour (approximately).

i often wondered if it was ours ,usa, because of the way it was skimming the trees to avoid being seen.

it was definately a deliberate act because it disengaged the trees as it flew across the valley and engaged the trees as it traveled and it maintained about four feet of penetration on the tree tops,just enough to avoid breaking any limbs.

i would sign an afidavit to the authentsity of this report.

it was closer than my comfort zone allowed at the time.

i was afraid it was going to return for us.we could not have escaped if it had chosen to come for us.

this was about seven to seven thirty pm in late july 1974 beaver creek state park in eastern ohio within two miles of the pennsylvania border,beaver county.

don finally admitted to seeing the craft at our thirty year high school reunion august 2006.



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