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The UFO Frame of Reference

Anyone who has even an inkling of UFO history (before 1947 assuredly) knows that strange things have been seen in the skies for millennia, and reported as angels or gods, chariots of fire or light, creatures from fantastic lands or worlds, and a plethora of other entities and artifacts that were familiar to the viewer(s) but were not everyday fixtures in their worldly existence.

Even during The Enlightenment (18th Century), strange objects, lights, images seen in the skies were not interpreted much differently than earlier in man’s history, but the things seen were not cast as angels or god, or chariots of fire; they were deemed elements of the physical world yet unknown, and duly ignored by scientists and thinkers of the 1700s.

After the Hebrew and sub-continent (India) accounts of flying chariots (in the Hebrew Bible) and flying machines, vimanas, (in Hindi Vedic literature), between 1500 B.C and 900 B.C., there are no accounts of chariots or vimanas landing from which life-forms emerge until around 1890.

Accounts of strange apparitions in the sky received sporadic recognition in various journals and “scientific diaries” appeared during the intervening 3000 years but nothing shows up that indicates beings of any kind disembarked from the apparitions, and there are no reports, none at all, of beings that resemble the myriad descriptions of “flying saucer” occupants reported from the 1950s until today.

So what happened after 1947 (or thereabouts) to create sightings where humanoid and non-humanoid bipeds interacted with humans, after leaving the confines of their crafts?

Why the dearth of reports or accounts of such encounters from about 900 B.C. to the late 1800s? Why no aircraft with human-like or alien occupants for that period of time?

That time-frame is a clue to something, but what exactly? And the difference in form of the occupants, from human to humanoid?

There is one account (from about 10,000 years ago) in Sumerian mythology of a fish-like creature, Oannes, who provided knowledge to the Sumerians but that being came from the sea, and it and all other non-human interactions with humans before and after the Hebrew Bible and Sacred Vedas accounts (until the 1950s) are of creatures bizarre in form and nature, not humanoid.

Thus, an inquiry into the time element for interplanetary travel might give an idea for the source for the human-humanoid reports about 1000 B.C and from the late 1800’s forward., and especially after 1947.


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