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The UFO Creators

The Tahitian creation myth, from accounts in “Ancient Tahiti” by Teuria Henry (as noted in Alpha: The Myths of Creation by Charles H. Long [Collier Books, Toronto, 1963, Page 123] the god Ta’aroa (called Te Tumu – The Foundation) creates the world from within the cosmic egg (an archetype of many creation myths).

The cosmic egg and Ta’aroa resemble the inner space of a UFO, as represented by Rumia, the sky.


The Orphic creation myth posits the silver egg of the cosmos as the progenitor of the world.

Yet, the Chinese myths of creation come closest to identifying UFOs and their inhabitants as the source of man’s creation on Earth:

…Yang and Yin…began in sky and earth….became mixed…and a man was formed. As he [the man] looked about he perceived….the silver moon ascending, enveloped in the pale fog and all the stars were circling a great star which was in the middle of the world. Out of this illuminating pattern a brilliant ray fell to the earth and standing in front of this amazed man appeared someone like him yet different, he was golden in color. The Gold Colored One bowed to the man and honored him. He taught him how to make a garment from grass…He gave him a name, “Huang-lao”…and showed him how to nourish himself…[Ibid, 131-2].

I.S. Shklovskii wrote in a book co-authored with Carl Sagan – Intelligent Life in the Universe – that visitors to the Earth from other worlds (concepts that Sagan must have cringed at) are evidenced in some of the artifacts and constructions from a period about 10,000 years ago, in the region of Sumeria and the Middle East.

Chapter 33 of the 1966 book presents the [UFO] creation concepts, and the rest of the book is a must-read for those interested in a scientific, open-minded discussion of “intelligent life in the universe” – life that may have seeded our own.


Blogger Rich said...

I find these old "accounts" or stories fascinating. They also seem somewhat cultural or time specific/tainted? Jacques Vallee (amnogst others?) I think might have pointed this idea out already. What to really make of these stories is the great question...including stuff in the Bible and elsewhere. Where are these "people" now???? I find it a little hard to swallow that they are just allegories or imaginative stories across time and cultures, including the stories of modern day. Is the human race that stupid or with nothing better to do?

April 25, 2007  

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