Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Roswell Confluence


In June and July of 1947 the United States Navy was testing high-altitude balloons and dirigibles for flight anomalies.


The Mogul [balloon] Project – not to discover atomic tests in Russia (which didn’t take place until 1949) – was ongoing.


The Army-Air Force and Navy were testing various kinds of missiles.

Thunderstorms (with lightning) were prevalent.

Observations of strange lights in the sky were being reported.

And local media reported the capture of a flying disk by the Army.


Elsewhere we ask if there is (or was) only one alien presence that accounts for or accounted for UFOs, or are there (or were there) many?

That is, did one UFO source show up near Roswell or did two (or more) show up in June/July 1947?

Did one UFO with beings on board crash into or was shot down by another UFO, with or without beings – a remote UFO – when they intersected over the New Mexico sky?


Did one UFO have a mishap with a Navy dirigible or balloon?

Did a Navy dirigible have a mishap with a Mogul array or other balloon, such as a Stratoscope II? And was debris from that accident mistaken for flying disk material(s)?

The point is that a lot of things were going on in and around Roswell in June and July of 1947.

And it’s not impossible that a flying disk had a mishap there.

But ufologists and the media have never considered the idea that the United States military may have been confounded by a mixture of debris and bodies that were intertwined by a confluence of accidents or a deliberate alien action that destroyed one, maybe two, flying disks and some peripheral balloons.

And since there has never been such a confluence of materiel ever again, does that mean the occupants of flying disks learned a lesson about UFO contact among various alien presences or even established a “truce” of some kind?

Something happened -- something strange -- near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

What that something was has yet to be determined.


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