Wednesday, November 02, 2011

UFOs with little beings: France in the 1950s

In the 1950s, circa 1954 probably, a spate of flying saucers were spotted, with creatures that were thought to be Martians.

Here are some clips from a major magazine – Life, I think – that described the saucers and the beings seen near them…

Pierre Lucas of Loctudy saw an orange ball fall from the sky, from which a small, bearded figure with one eye in the middle of its forehead emerged and tapped him on the shoulder:


Serge Pochet of Marcoing was approached by two small shadows:


Gregoire Odut saw a golden disk zoom away from Wassy after a two-legged creature leaped out for a look around:


Jean Narcy saw a craft, also near Wassy, from which a little whiskered man in a fur coat and orange corset emerged:


Marius Dewilde of Quarouble is carrying a railroad tie upon which he saw a rust-colored “flying contraption” land:


Yves de Gillaboz (left) and Emile Renard saw a “Matian machine” belching puffs of smoke in the sky over Amiens:


Francois Panero and Jean Olivier draw an image of a “dumpy little space man” they saw land in a luminous sphere on a basketball court near Toulouse:


We don’t get those kinds of sightings nowadays, do we? And why not?



Blogger Sawyer said...

A great question, why do we not have these type of occupant sightings any more? I'm not sure that anyone can answer that one. However, there can be no real doubt that these individuals, being solid citizens with nothing to gain by creating such bizarre (yet, interestingly, non-spectalular) tales, encountered something not of this earth. I suppose someone will "uncover" some absurdly mundane explanation for these events. It's surprising Lonnie Zamora wasn't one of the witnesses.

December 16, 2011  

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