Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UFO Regurgitation: A Warning!

One of the problems when UFOs are the subject matter is the propensity for bloggers and UFO aficionados to pad the discussion with a redundant recap of hoary UFO stories: Roswell for instance, and others like the L.A. battle of 1942, Socorro, the Betty/Barney Hill “abduction” among many others.

The RB47 incident, noted here, and regularly by Paul Kimball at his blog, The Other Side of Truth, is also an example of a UFO sighting that gets an extended work over.

We try to avoid presenting hackneyed flying saucer tales at our blogs, only posting such referential stories when and if there is new light to be shed upon them, as is the case when Anthony Bragalia delves into the Roswell event with his memory metal angle.

But, some who visit our blogs can’t help themselves and often regurgitate known and banal details from the classic UFO sightings. It’s a matter of showing off their accumulated knowledge about UFOs we think, or a disregard for the sensibilities of those who are trying to find new, unique insights to the UFO enigma.

Let us assure you that we won’t go down that trail of insipid rehashing, as is the pattern at such blogs as Kevin Randle’s A Different Perspective.

That is, we shall try to limit our postings and comments here to views that are truly unique or new.

Fleshed out theories of what UFOs may be shall be the grist for content here, not purloined hypothesizing or regurgitated material, taken wholesale from other blogs/sites or books and archives that true UFO hobbyists are well acquainted with.

We’ll try to be inventive in our thinking and conjectures. And we’ll try to curtail grandstanding by those who need to display their assumed acumen when it comes to an almost profound mystery: UFOs.

Therefore, if you are a regular here, know that an onslaught of UFO drivel, acquired from sources not your own, will be ignored and not posted.

That’s our caveat for the time being…..


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