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WHY ET DOESN'T WANT TO MEET US by Anthony Bragalia


The extraterrestrials only hint at their presence. Despite the passage of centuries- they do not make open, mass contact. Instead they seem to merely observe us, shyly flittering through our skies. They keep their distance just enough. They seem to want us to know that we share the universe with Others. But why don't they want to meet us?

To answer this question, we must ask ourselves -if we were from another place- would we want to meet the people of Earth?

Before making overt contact, those from afar have carefully observed our ways. And what they see they must surely not like. What they see is a species that -though intelligent- continually and repeatedly acts out of ignorance. They see those who are unaccepting of anything that is different. They see reflected in us the truest definition of ignorance. The ignorant "ignore" or deride anything that is not like them.

We are a race compelled to view things through an "Us" and "Them" filter. If we cannot live civily together as Humans on our planet, how can we ever coexist with Non-Humans from other planets? If Blacks and Whites still can't get along in many places, how can we conceivably get along with a "Gray" or a "Green"? We don't like "different" and we never have. People who do not share our color, our country or our religion are not like us- so we don't like them. We thrive on division. We are selfish in our identification, as in "my" country or "my" faith. And we think that our ways -and the ways that we look- are "better" or more acceptable. In a society like ours that that is conditioned to instantly judge on outward appearance- the wholly different appearance of ET would be too much for too many to handle. Extreme elements of society would express ultimate prejudice towards those who are so extremely different.

And Man does not like to "share." He has to be taught. The behavior of young children shows us this. As we get older, the term "share" more likely means to us the capital stock of a corporation. The true meaning of "share" has been lost to man. We find it difficult to give of what we have to another without expectation of return. ET no doubt knows that man does not wish to "share" Earth. The first thing that we did when we first landed on another celestial body was to plant our flag on it. Man does not wish to share the Universe. Instead, he wants to own it.

ET cannot be "equal" to us. The truth is that man can never be "equal" to races perhaps many millennia advanced from us. Their knowledge and their experience must vastly surpass that of Man's. This is the central problem with open contact- ET knows that man still views himself as the Center of the Universe. Man's pride -and fear- would not allow him to accept those that know better.

For decades government officials in all countries have told their populace that there are no visiting ET. They tell us repeatedly that there is no evidence. Though many of them know otherwise -they maintain that there is no such thing to maintain the illusion of their control. Our world's leaders deny the reality of those on other worlds. ET must feel unwanted.

ET sees that Man is even unable to connect with his own Gaia-sphere. We have dampened the pulse of our living planet by poisoning its soils, waters and air. We not only lack respect for other humans, we do not even honor that which sustains us- Earth. We've proven that we cannot participate in the natural Holos of our own world, let alone Other's worlds. We don't cooperate with Nature- we conquer it.

The way man treats other animals on this planet reflects how man can feel about non-humans. Our cruelty to animals even requires that we establish organizations to prevent such cruelty. If a creature has four legs, or if it is covered in fur and cannot speak, it is somehow perceived as less worthy. Man throughout history has placed himself as the head of Earth's many dominions. We dangerously believe that we can control all of the kingdoms of creation. ET must surely find this worrisome.

In the mid-1940s, Man sent out an instellar smoke signal to the stars. He announced with the greatest loudness that he had split the Atom. In so doing, we also transmitted a deadly message. We can kill and destroy like never before. Now, at the push of a button, we are able to burst open the very fabric of creation at the molecular level, incinerating into nothingness large areas of our planet. With the flick of a switch, millions can now perish at will.

Later, with the advent of rocketry and spaceships, man showed that he could travel beyond the confines of his atmosphere. He could now carry this wickedness off-planet. The concept of military "defense" in space shows that man is not content to keep his war and division on Earth. He is now willing and able to bring it to the cosmos.

ET has revealed itself to us as a Watchful Eye. Whether out of concern for themselves and the rest of the universe- or for us- they continue to monitor our plight on Earth. But they will not make contact. They are far too smart for that.


Blogger Alex said...

That logic is as old as it is dumb. This is how this guy sees himself and the rest of the world. No way would aliens travel light years, through time or dimensions to get to us and decide that we are a bunch of assholes not even worthy of a nod, that is ludicrous.

There is not a species on this planet (or anywhere else) that we would ignore if they could communicate with us.

You bring down the entire movement with silly posts like this, not to mention it isn't anywhere near an original thought.

January 21, 2009  
Blogger Cal said...

I agree with Alex. First off your need to anthropomorphize an alien race is questionable. I'm also not 100% onboard with the notion that humans are all that "intelligent". Judging solely by our actions....

January 21, 2009  
Blogger RRRGroup said...


I always "consider the source" when I read a post such as yours. And what I have found out is that you are disingenuous. The truth is that you run a website ("") that promotes and extolls the virtues of Space

Your site is a fanciful one, but it speaks directly to a central point of my article- Man's need to "claim" and "own" and exploit
the Universe.

Oh, and article was "original" enough that you read through its entire 14 paragraphs. You were also interested enough in it that you not only were you motivated enough by it to make a smarmy post like this, but you also placed these same remarks on my article on other websites that pick up this blog!

I must have hit a nerve with you. The intent of the article was to respond to skeptics who always ask why ET doesn't land on the White House lawn, or some other similar foolish sentiment.

And you are misunderstanding the meaning of the article. I do not maintain that ET has not been here-only that they have not made overt, mass contact.

And unless you know differently in your great wisdom Alex, I am right: "mass contact" has not occurred.


January 21, 2009  
Blogger RRRGroup said...


I am not ascribing human characteristics to non-humans. Rather, I have outlined what non-humans see when they visit.

You actually make my point by saying that humans may not be all that "intelligent" in the truest sense, "judging solely by our actions."


January 21, 2009  
Blogger skunkworks77 said...


While I appreciate the article you wrote, which I think points out many of the problems that humans have in dealing with one another in a very precise and clever fashion, I gotta say you were a little harsh in your retaliation towards Alex. It would seem as if you have been hoisted by your own petard. Besides, the dominant and most sucessful creatures on the planet (and least destructive in thier interaction with the enviornment) would be most likely be insects. Who can say if aliens haven't already made contact with them? Just a thought....
Cockroaches are Gods!

January 21, 2009  
Blogger Dr. Cheryl Grayum said...

If anyone has read alot of Whitley
Strieber(Unknown Country) He states in one of his books that: ET told him that they are in another plane of existance and if we (humans) would
meet their plane of existance I.E full contact ,our reality would be distroyed by the ET reality. So they will never make full contact. I think it is worth considering

January 21, 2009  
Blogger Spam said...

I agree with the idea that aliens could be here and have reasons for not wanting to meet us. But what if it is because we love our conclusions so much. For example, most people who are convinced we are wrong or bad would look to others for answers. What if aliens don't want to be showing us the difference between right and wrong? Maybe they don't want us as their dependents.

I didn't see valid points in the 1st 2 comments. I'm surprised they didn't parade some misspelling on your part as if it was an intellectual triumph.

January 21, 2009  
Blogger anarchetype said...

What if we just aren't that useful to extraterrestrials beyond the current relationship? In determining the motives behind these beings, we project our own desires, that of finding likeness to ourselves in what seems like a vacuum. But must another species possess this same ego?

What if they are here to observe the status and fluctuations of a seemingly exotic global biology? What would they stand to gain by sharing any of their world with us? We domesticate other species when it is convenient, and we aid them in survival sometimes out of fear of losing the aesthetic of biodiversity, but when we ever attempt to "enlighten" another species on our planet?

The author here is clearly projecting a self-judging human morality onto a wholly mysterious life-form. He has done nothing more than hint at what it might be like to view ourselves from a much different context. This might be useful in some regard, but for a literal interpretation it is an unnecessary anthropomorphism.

January 22, 2009  
Blogger twistingtree said...

Great article, diffrent perspective

January 23, 2009  
Blogger Brian W said...

ETs dont want to meet us for the same reasons we dont want to have a family of chimpanzees over for dinner.

We split the atom, now they have to tell their infinite armies of sentient factory ships to keep an eye on us and make sure we dont blow up our own exhibit.

I wonder how much longer they are going to continue to allow us to screw up "their" nice little planet that they have so graciously allowed us to exist upon.

January 23, 2009  
Blogger Jonathan said...

If E.T is watching...after reading the blog and then the comments. The truth of why they haven't sent a ambassador for their spieces is obvious. Even over thoughts and free will we fight tooth and nail. The sad part of it is that all we can do is sit back and shake our heads at our own lack of vision... The idea, of which, we cannot get along even in the realms of cyber space. Must send warning signals to any and all intelligent life in the seemingly neverending cosmos..

January 28, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally agree with this post. Take for example: There are tribes of people in the amazon so isolated that they have NEVER seen our tech. We have taken pictures and tried to communicate with them but their initial reaction is to throw spears at us or fear our remote survey planes.

Now think of how most would react to something they never saw before that hovered over us trying to talk to us. If the gov diden't stop people most would try and shoot at it... Think about it.

May 29, 2009  
Anonymous Megan from the north said...

Tony, I completely agree with all that you have said and it makes a lot of good sense. I believe in aliens and know they are watching us, how I know is a novel within itself. Thank you for posting this.

July 13, 2009  

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