Monday, October 27, 2008



Many who wonder about the Roswell crash wonder why ET did not retrieve its own craft and crew. How can we fathom that they left their own on the desert floor? This is a question that has an answer, though we have no obligation to provide one. This is because the Alien Intent can never be fully discerned with any certainty. But we can try.

There are seven possible scenarios- one of which may well have played out in July of 1947 over the skies of Chaves and Lincoln Counties:

1) Perhaps the craft that crashed did not have a "companion craft" or "mothership" in the nearby cosmos to be able to arrive in time to Earth to make a recovery. Man has never sent multiple spaceships at the same time to the same destination.

2) If such a ship were in the area, perhaps the retrieval of all the strewn debris, craft components and corpses would have too difficult to accomplish (and cover up) in time to remain undetected. ET did not wish to risk further exposure -or perhaps even confrontation- with Man. It took us many days and many people to retrieve everything. And still it was not done effectively. The retrieval was seen by those who should not have seen, with some of the material being taken by them.

3) Maybe ET did try a crash retrieval, but simply failed to locate the craft and arrive in time. The debris and bodies may have already been discovered by us by then. Sightings of UFOs in the region spiked in the days immediately following the crash. Was ET still looking for its fallen?

4) ET may well have had a concern about the safety of retrieval. Whatever caused the crash to occur in that area at that time (such as a missile or triangulated radar beams) could cause a retrieval craft to come in harm's way too. The risk assessed, they elected not to initiate a recovery operation.

5) Warring factions of visitors caused one to ram to the ground. The aerial battle engaged- priority and concern was for survival, not retrieval.

6) Just as it was the first time that we did not know immediately quite how to handle the situation, it was the first earthly crash that ET had experienced. They may well have had similar hesitancy or disagreement about dealing with the event. This delay may have prevented a timely retrieval.

7) ET did not want to retrieve. They may have in some way desired to "seed" or "plant" themselves and their technology with Man at that point in history. The crash would give Man concrete knowledge that he is not alone in the Universe. They may have hoped that this would curtail further development of nuclear armament, promoting peace and openness. ET can be wrong.

Man must assign cause or motive to the unexplained. It is our compulsion...for man learns nothing except by going from the known to the unknown. But why they came here, why they crashed and failed to retrieve- are things perhaps forever unknowable.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The UFO Decline


Reading the plethora of UFO sightings and incidents in old magazine articles – one by Kevin Randle in the Spring 1975 issue of UFO Report, “Mysterious Clues Left Behind by Flying Saucers” [Page 36 ff.] – one can’t help but notice that UFO sightings today do not have the spectacular characteristics of the episodes related in magazine/newspaper accounts just thirty of forty years ago.


It’s not that media has changed but, rather, that the UFO phenomenon has changed -- from a dynamic, weird presence to a prosaic, non-landing, alien-absent swath of lights or one lonely light that isn’t much different from that of a star or planet in the sky.

An occasional cigar-shaped craft or triangular vehicle shows up nowadays but those UFOs lack duration and details that are present in earlier reportage, such as this from the Randle UFO Report cited above:

[A farmer] cultivating the fields one day….could see a silvery object in the distance…The object slowly came toward him…The egg-shaped UFO then descended into his corn field.

Just prior to landing, legs, or landing gear, appeared out of the bottom of the strange craft as it touched down gently in the field about 100 yards from the startled farmer. “A port of some sort opened on the side , near the bottom,” he told investigators, “and some peole got out. They moved around the corn for a while, got back in, and took off….”

The “people” were about four or five feet tall and seemed to be wearing one-piece “flying” suits…

When the humanoids reentered their craft, a blue flame shot out of the bottom of the vehicle and the legs retracted. With a slight roar, the ship disappeared into the sky.

[This event took place in 1972, eight years after the Zamora/Socorro, New Mexico landing, which is similar in detail.]


Randle’s piece goes on to tell of other incidents, with humanoid beings, robots, metal residues left at landing sites, Air Force investigations, and military airplane pursuits.

There is even a Travis Walton-like incident where a young boy is shot by a beam of light from a UFO hovering above trees, which knocked him down and caught his jacket on fire.

[Travis Walton’s “abduction” took place in November 1975, several months after the above account appeared in UFO Report.]


The Randle presentation is not alone. Jerry Clark has provided a slew of interesting UFO and flying saucer stories over the years, in many magazines, as have other noted ufologists.

Our point is that those UFO accounts, from the 50s through the 60s and 70s, have a kind of cachet that current UFO sightings don’t have.

Have UFO investigators/reporters gotten lazy, or have UFOs gone into decline?

We think UFOs are in decline.

You see, Randle, Clark, Hall et al. are still around, and new people like Redfern are active in the UFO field, checking into sightings with a kind of journalistic acumen.


It’s not the reporters who’ve gotten small; it’s the UFOs….

Friday, October 17, 2008

UFOs just don’t matter [Redux]


In the vast scheme of things, UFOs and/or flying saucers don’t count. That’s an absolute fact of life.

UFOs don’t affect the economy, your family’s practical existence, your kids’ college tuition, anyone with cancer or any other possibly fatal disease, wars, poverty, political considerations – UFOs don’t affect anything.

Those absorbed by the phenomenon – as we continue to note – are merely escaping into a false reality that is meaningless in our mundane or real reality.

Sure, UFOs have a place in the paranormal sphere or esoteric environment that enthuses those who like curiosities and weird things generally.

But as an artifactual or anomaly that impacts life, UFOs just don’t cut it.

Pursuing the phenomenon is futile, and insane, unless a person doesn’t have anything better to do, which is the case with some long-time “ufologists” – who shall remain nameless this time around (but you all know who we mean).

UFOs have never altered everyday life for the population as a whole, and has rarely affected those who’ve seen something described as a UFO, that is those who didn’t try to capitalize on their experience.

(Those who’ve milked their UFO experience have almost always come to ruination.)

Normal persons who’ve had a UFO experience or sighting have always resumed their everyday life, with only an occasional nod to that thing they saw in the sky.

UFO cases are intriguing, but don’t matter, philosophically, theologically, militarily, or in any other way.

They are curios in a panoply of curios that have intruded upon humans since time immemorial, but that’s all they are – curios.

We, like you, find the phenomenon interesting but it doesn’t cause us to mismanage our lives as it has to many in the UFO community.

Yes, UFOs are real, and flying saucers have landed; even extraterrestrials have debarked from them.

But have those UFO incidents changed the world’s momentum one iota? No.

That doesn’t mean that those interested in such esoterica should abandon their curious perusal of the UFO phenomenon (or phenomena).

It just means that a more judicious and sensible scrutiny should be in place for so-called ufologists, and UFOs should be given a lesser role when one’s priorities are established.

This would go a long way to eliminating the foolish factor that now inundates the UFO reality – a reality that should be subliminal more than overt.

But reasonable persons already know this, right?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Inducing fright can be a sinister act when it is used to intimidate. Intimidation forces submission and compliance. Fear deters unwanted talk. And in the Summer of 1947, some in Roswell were very fearful.

If the crashed craft was indeed extraterrestrial, it would require that every effort be applied to keep silent the unwitting witnesses. As a matter of national and even planetary security, it is certain that by any means necessary- the silence would be maintained. And any remaining debris would be retrieved. The ways in which this intimidation would operate would play on the fundamental fears that we all hold. Some witnesses surely feared for self-preservation. They were fearful of the loss of their freedom, liberty and income. They were fearful of being humiliated. But mostly, they feared the unknown.

They were stricken about what they had seen and by what was told them would happen if they ever mentioned what they had seen. This must have been especially difficult. Viewing things so strange and horrible in the desert -and to never be able to speak about it- must have been a double frustration forever endured.

But not all witnesses were intimidated. In reviewing the history of the Roswell event, something becomes clear. Those closest to the crash were the ones most threatened.

* Bill Brazel' Jr's daughter says that their ranch was literally "ransacked" in search of stray crash debris. Floors were pried and furniture shredded
* Rancher Bud Payne rode horse too close to the Foster Ranch. He was bodily removed by armed MPs
* Sherriff George Wilcox- Never ran for office again. Neighbor Rogene Cordes told me that he was never the same
* Dee Proctor told author Kevin Randle (Roswell Revisited, Pg 6) that the military visited him in the days following the crash. That is all he would say. But we can guess what they threatened Dee. Dee died young, divorced, obese and severely alcoholic
* Mack Brazel was held for days by the military. The threats were effective. He became a virtual mute on the subject forever

Examples of the Roswell Intimidation are countless. To compel witnesses with the force of authority and position is one thing...

But did these "threats on Roswell" ever rise to the level of Criminal Intimidation? Was the use of grossly aggressive or even combative methods ever used against Roswell citizens?

The answer is yes- according to the original witness himself, rancher Mack Brazel. He told KGFL station owner Bob Wolf (who saw Mack at a gathering in about 1960) something that Wolf will never forget. When Wolf inquired of Mack about the crash from over a dozen years earlier, Mack -as white as a ghost- replied, "Those people will kill you if I tell you what I know!" A new lead, if confirmed, corroborates Mack's warning of death. This new lead reveals that physical violence was used to keep the quiet! An Officer's Daughter has recently come forward with a revelation that is astounding if confirmed-

Her father brandished a deadly weapon on innocent citizen witnesses after the Roswell crash!

Her story reveals that the most brutally cruel intimidation of witnesses was carried out by those who were strangers to Roswell. It of course makes complete sense. The dirtiest of deeds would not be committed by RAAF officers within the community. Those officers would be too easily identified and called out. Rather, the bludgeoners would have no ties to town. They would return to somewhere else when their job was done.

Her father was a former member of the OSI/CIA ,and at one time with Omaha SAC. But in July of 1947, he was stationed at Wright Field. He told her that he was ordered to undertake a deadly serious assignment. He explained that he visited the surrounding areas of Roswell, NM where a flying saucer had crashed. She said that he was tasked to "manage civilian-military affairs" around the event. He was to ensure an "information blackout." He was to question ranch hands, migrants and "simple types" in outlying areas who might have known or seen something and "make sure that they did not talk." If they had any pieces of the debris, he was required to get them back. He said that this had to be done. We did not know where they were from or what may be their intentions.

The daughter explains that her father was a habitually cruel individual. He was obsessed with hand swung weapons. He was selected for this brutal assignment because he himself was brutal in both combat and life. In fact he served with the 303rd Bomb Group- the notorious, original Hells Angels. He had killed countless during WWII, and his name appears in Missing Air Crew Reports of the time. He retired a severe alcoholic. He was prone to repentant family confession. At times he became emotional.

One time he confessed his most heinous sin to his daughter. He told her that a few of the crash witnesses "were not compliant." The Officer explained that he had to do what he did. She asked him just what it was that he had done. He told her that he had used a violent technique on the witnesses that he had developed in enemy interrogation. He wielded a military Pick Axe and swung out maniacally at those who defied him. Floors were pried and furniture shredded before their eyes (the very technique corroborated by Brazel Jr's daughter!) The Officer said that some of those that he had "questioned" had even physically collapsed, they were so gripped with horror. He learned that some of them had later became alcoholic or socially maladaptive. But always silent.

Weeping the past, the Roswell Intimidator told his daughter that he may well have scared people to their very deaths!

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Roswell clue that everyone overlooks


Kenneth Arnold’s June 24th 1947 sighting of nine objects near Mount Rainer spurred media to take Arnold’s description of the objects' movement – like a saucer skimmed over water (which itself was a strange way to describe aeronautical movement) – eventually coining the term “flying saucer.” But the term “flying saucer” wasn’t in common use for some period until well after June 24th, 1947.

Strange flying objects seen in the period just before the (in)famous Roswell incident of July 1947, just two weeks after Arnold’s sighting, were described, almost invariably, as disks or discs.

(See NICAP but disregard Ted Bloecher’s and Ed Ruppelt’s anachronistic use of “flying saucers” or “UFOs” in the NICAP rundown, as those terms are wrongfully inserted backward into the flying disk history.)

Even most accounts of the Roswell episode referred to a “flying disk.”


And even an FBI memo referred to a “flying disk.”

The alleged William Blanchard/Walter Haut press release had described the recovery of a crashed “flying disk” but the newspaper account – in the July 8th edition of The Roswell Daily Record -- referred, in its headline (above), to a captured “flying saucer” [sic].

Further, the newspaper account went on to report the following:

“The intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Air Field announced at noon today, that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer…

Major Marcel and a detail from his department went to the ranch and recovered the disk, it was stated…

The intelligence office stated that no details of the saucer's construction or its appearance had been revealed.”

The question to ask is this: Why did the newspaper and Jesse Marcel, as quoted, use the term “flying saucer”?

The term wasn’t indigenous, as we’ve noted, to media or the common parlance.

It may have been, however, part of the military argot, but Jesse Marcel and/or the newspaper wouldn’t know that.

Therefore, Marcel use of term could only have came from sources privy to the military jargon, and he passed the term on, in his quotes, to the newspaper.

This means that someone, high up in the military establishment who communicated with Major Marcel used the term, because it applied to what was recovered in one or two places near Roswell that July.

Flying saucer was the newly minted term for flying objects that the military had deemed material and real, and possibly extraterrestrial.

And the crashed disk(s) near Roswell fit the description.

Thursday, October 02, 2008



How can the Secret of Roswell be kept? Those doubting the Roswell crash doubt that it could ever be concealed over such a long time. Government is not capable enough to veil such a thing from the governed. They argue that the cover-up would be too vast and too difficult to be effective. And they are wrong.

The ability of government -and the private sector- to maintain extreme secrecy over an extended time is well established. This secrecy has been effective on many different levels and on many different fronts. Technologies, covert activities and even entire organizations have remained hidden from view, even over many decades.

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) was established in 1960. Its existence was not acknowledged until 32 years later! A letter of lies in my possession from 1975 from the Air Force specifically denied existence of the NRO, although it was by then already 15 years in operation. The National Security Agency (NSA) was created in 1952. Although acknowledged five years later, many of the 40,000 employees of "No Such Agency"' could not mention their employment by the Agency -even to their own families- until the 1990s!

The B-2 Stealth Bomber was optimized in 1979 but not publicly flown until ten years later. The precise ingredients and formula that make Coca-Cola have been kept secret since 1886. Though it is the most manufactured beverage on the planet, only a core group of living people at any one time hold the key to the process. From a bomber to a soft drink- secrets of technology and trade can remain secret.

FEMA's Mt. Weather is a virtual underground city that functions as an emergency haven for the continuity of government. Built deep beneath the Earth in the 1950s, it involved the efforts of thousands of engineers and construction personnel. They could not even tell their loved ones where they were and what they were doing. Mt. Weather continued its clandestine operation until the mid 1970s when it was finally acknowledged. Incredibly, members of Congress and their families (who would be housed there in an emergency) also held the secret of this Secret City over decades! Of course Area 51 - the massive Nevada Air Force Installation- makes this same case. Risen from the desert dirt in the 1950's -and involving the lives of many thousands from all walks of life- the government only tacitly conceded it as "an operating location" in 2003.

Heinous CIA experiments sanctioned against US citizens remained covered up throughout many administrations. Project MKULTRA was a far-ranging CIA-sponsored effort in mind control of the unwitting. Started in the mid-1950's, it was not until 1975 that the screen was lifted on these government acts against mankind. Human radiation experiments involving the poisoning of children and the physically and mentally challenged were conducted from the 1940s through the 1960s on thousands of the unwilling. This was not revealed until the mid-1990s under a Bioethics Committee investigation.

Former OSS (Office of Strategic Services) personnel can only today in 2008 admit to their past employment by OSS in the early 1940s! Only after the passage of over 60 years did the government release these employees from their oaths! And they kept their oaths (like those who kept their Roswell oaths) throughout those six decades! Walter Mess, a 93 year old former OSS agent said to NBC recently, "I was told to keep my mouth shut!" Another, Elizabeth McIntosh, also 93, exclaimed, "Finally, after all these years...I can tell people who I was, what I saw and what I did." Only this year was it revealed that even famed chef Julia Child was an OSS agent!

But perhaps the best evidence that Roswell can be kept hidden is found within ourselves. It is the the "hiding" that we do in our own lives, everyday.

All of us -each and everyone- has kept personal certain things over the years. This is what makes us all human. And this is why privacy -or keeping secrets- is likely a behavior of instinct. It allows us to cope with unwanted knowledge. Often these "secrets" are held from wives, husbands and children. We even keep our secrets hidden from ourselves. We compartmentalize these secrets in our minds, the most malignant of which are buried in our unconscious. Even in auricular confession to the Holy Man, do you tell all? A tactic that most people use to keep a secret is to simply not think about it- especially in the presence of those from whom the secret must be kept. And secrets are challenging. In prior posts I have shown how holding deep secrets was psychologically destructive to some of the participants who were closest to the Roswell crash.

How has Roswell been kept secret? The skeptics have in many ways answered their own question by continuing to ask.

The real question may be- has Roswell really been kept secret? With the torrent of credible Roswell revelations over the years, the dots are now clearly connected. The ranchers, generals and politicians have told. The scientists, intelligence agents - and even the astronauts - have not kept quiet on the matter. In so doing, they have made peace with history and truth. Roswell is no longer secret.